Chaise Sofas

Whether you're looking for a cosy 2-seater or a spacious 4-seater to relax with the whole family, we've got the perfect chaise for your home. Our chaises come in various sizes and styles, so you can find the best fit for your home.

Add a touch of luxury with our velvet chaises or choose smooth leathers or fabrics for a modern yet timeless living space.


A chaise sofa is a type of sofa that features an extended seat called a chaise lounge at one end. The chaise lounge is like a long chair, providing a comfortable space for lounging, stretching out, or relaxing. Chaise sofas are known for their versatility, combining the style of a traditional sofa with the added comfort of a chaise lounge. Read more  

When it comes to positioning a chaise sofa in your living space, it's important to think about both how it looks and how it functions. Start by looking at the layout of the room and identifying any focal points, like a fireplace or TV. In bigger rooms, putting the chaise in the centre can create an open and welcoming atmosphere. In smaller spaces, placing it in a corner can help maximize floor space. Make sure you arrange everything in a balanced way, especially if you're incorporating the chaise into a larger seating arrangement. Also consider how people will move around the room so that everything feels natural and easy to navigate. You can play around with different angles and take advantage of natural light by positioning the chaise near windows. Ultimately, what you want is to create a comfortable and personalized setting that matches your lifestyle and enhances the overall look of your living area. For more detailed guide click on this link to read more

Style a chaise sofa by adding diverse accent pillows for visual interest, draping a throw blanket for extra comfort, introducing a side table for practicality, defining the space with an area rug, illuminating with a floor lamp, and coordinating with other furniture for a cohesive design. Strike a balance between comfort and style to create an inviting and visually appealing space. For more detailed guide click on this link to read more

To seamlessly incorporate a chaise into your sofa, start by measuring the available space to ensure a comfortable fit. Take into consideration factors such as style, colour, material and design when selecting a chaise that complements your existing sofa. If possible, opt for matching upholstery to create a unified look. Before making your final decision, test the comfort and ergonomics of the chaise. Based on your room layout and personal preference, determine the best placement on either the left or right side. To visually bring together the sofa and chaise in a harmonious arrangement, coordinate accessories like throw pillows and blankets. By following these guidelines, you can effortlessly enhance both comfort and style in your living room by adding a chaise to your sofa. For more detailed guide click on this link to read more