4 Seater Sofas & Sofa Sets

Create a stylish and relaxing space with our diverse selection of 4-seater sofas. Whether you prefer the luxurious feel of leather or the contemporary look of fabric, we have the perfect sofa for you. Choose from a variety of colours, including trendy grey, to find your ideal match. If you're looking for something larger, explore our range of 5 seater sofas or consider adding a cosy loveseat from our collection. With our 4 seater sofas, you and your familt can unwind and enjoy ultimate comfort.


A 4 seater is a sofa  that can comfortably seat four adults or children. The average length of a four-seater couch is about 260cm (8’6”), but this can vary depending on the type , shape and colour  of the couch. You can find the specific measurements of each couch on our product pages.