3 Seater Sofas

Our 3 seater sofas are perfect if you are looking for additional seating or you are short for space in your home. Our 3 seater sofas can be designed to complement the existing aesthetics of your property.

Enjoy both balance and style when you choose our 3-seater sofas. When you choose sofas from Live Lusso, you can look forward to free premium delivery. We will bring your new sofa to the room of choice so that you don't have to worry. Take a look around our collection below.


Arrange cushions in odd numbers for a balanced look. Use a mix of sizes and shapes, placing larger cushions at the back and layering with smaller ones in front. Click here for more detailed guide on arranging cushions  

Opt for a throw that is approximately 70 inches wide for a 3 seater sofa. This size provides ample coverage and a cozy aesthetic. 

The length of a standard 3 seater sofa is typically around 70 inches, offering spacious seating for three people. Shop our 3 seater sofas  

The weight of a 3 seater sofa varies, but on average, it can range from 40 to 100 kilograms, depending on the material and construction.